Ads Manager Position

Role Description: Ads Manager


This person is responsible for the onboarding of all the new artists and the setup and management of FB/IG and Google ad campaigns.

He/she must be able to run proper conversion ads, optimize the results daily, understand how the Facebook Pixel works, how to create custom conversions, read and understand campaign metrics, custom & lookalike audiences and be able to setup goals-oriented campaigns in general.

The campaigns we run for the artists we work with are 99% conversion campaigns so being able to know exactly how the Pixel works is essential.

Same for Google Ads campaigns, he or she must be able to run proper YouTube campaigns to not only acquire video views, but also to maximize engagement.

An understanding of how placements and bidding options work on Google Ads is essential.

Problems this person solves

  • Making sure that the onboarding process is as fast and efficient as possible to guarantee fast onboarding and service delivery times
  • Creating and managing ad campaigns to achieve the goal(s) of the artist(s)
  • Managing communications with artists
  • Weekly reporting to artists on their campaigns


This person is responsible directly for the quality of results within the KPIs, and is hold accountable by current project manager.


This person must be fluent in English, spoken and written


  • (Required) Experience with managing social media ads with the Facebook Business Manager:
      • How to use the Facebook Pixel, Conversion Campaigns, Custom & Lookalike Audiences, Audience Research
  • (Plus) Experience with managing YouTube ad campaigns via Google Ads

Despite this being an advertising position, as a marketing agency focused on helping music artists, some basic knowledge about the music business is not mandatory but very appreciated.

Availability requirements:

Starting at 10 hours/week – 2 hours/day – Mon-Fri.
The goal for this position is to eventually transition into full time.

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