DIY Growth Packages

We help you grow on SPOTIFY by teaching you modern music advertising strategies while also supporting you along the way


Planning a new release or a strategy for long term growth?

Think Beyond Playlists

Here is what many artists do:

They write a new song, go in the studio to record and have their music mixed and mastered, and then a few weeks prior to the release date they announce it on the social medias.

The song comes out, they put a few bucks behind it for a few weeks and that’s it, until the new song comes out. 

Even worse, some artists solely rely on playlists placements for every release.

They are always on a roller coaster, their listeners and streams on Spotify always fluctuate, and they only get traction whenever they release new music.

Their growth is always tied to how much time they can spend on Instagram manually promoting their music or how often they can release music.

This is why you need to have a system in place that works to help you reach new fans every single day, even while you sleep.

If you’re serious about your music, we think you should not base your career just on buying placements or strategies that don’t scale.

Slow and steady may not be sexy, but if you’re doing this for the long haul, then this is for you.

How It Works


Account Setup

You will learn how to setup your Facebook Ad Manager account from start to finish to run your marketing campaigns like a pro (even after the Apple iOS 14 update).


Audience Research & Ad Creation

You will learn what goes into finding your target audience and the best combination of audiences and ad creatives that bring you the highest ROI.


More Followers = Growth

The main goal of a DSP Growth Campaign is to grow your audience organically, while also feeding positive data to Spotify’s algorithm creating a snowball effect release after release.

Immediate Access & Support


What we learned after $200,000 spent on music advertising campaigns condensed in more than 2 hours of in depth music marketing trainings to help you market your music like a pro.



Get support from our team directly with tailored marketing consultations to help you get past any roadblock you may encounter.

3 Main Results


Source: Our campaign for metal band Outmayr

More (real) followers means exponential growth, algorithmic placements and an overall growth of your fanbase, without relying on (suspicious) third party playlists.


Source: Our campaign for Blues/Rock artist Johnny Fury

We help you reach engaged listeners who really care about you and your music to make sure they like, comment and share your music.


Source: Our campaign for Rap/R&B artist ZaiKarter

Once you find your target audience, they are likely to stick with you for a long time and – if the quality of your music is good enough – they will listen to your songs over and over.

Real artists, real results

My song ‘Run Away’ had the most streams in the first week than any of my other songs. Even from day 1 I was at more than 1,000 streams a day and at 60,000 in the first month.

Jack Hawitt


Featured Case Study


Increase Spotify followers and streams

Social media ads

Monthly streams up by 1364%
Triggered algorithmic playlists

The Process


Step 1: Lightning Fast Onboarding

Unlike this ugly stock photo above, getting started with us is so simple and quick you won’t even realize we started working together.

charles-deluvio-Lks7vei-eAg-unsplash (1)

Step 2: Kickoff Call

As soon as you’re done watching the video trainings, you are going to schedule the first 1-1 call to discuss the exact strategy to put in place to reach your goals.

Step 3: Strategy Implementation

During the call we are going to help you implement an advertising strategy based on your goals.


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Step 4: Results, baby.

Watch your streams, followers and fanbase grow.

Let’s do this

Have questions? We got answers

Through an in depth music marketing course and 1-1 consulting calls, we are going to teach you and show you how to use targeted social media ads to grow your followers on Spotify and much more.

This service is not designed to have your ads run by us, but to have our team help you run your own music marketing campaigns.

No. You will maybe be required to give us partner access on your Facebook Business Manager to manage your ads, but that’s a simple step that doesn’t require you sharing any private information.

While we can’t guarantee results, you can find different case studies here. The results you’re going to get from the campaign will depend on the quality of your music, the creatives (the content used for your ads), the ad competition for your genre and audience and many other different factors that can have an impact on your conversion costs.