Learn How To Grow your music business to thousands of real fans using digital marketing strategies

You’ll get access to the same strategies we used to generate thousands of new fans for independent artists, while managing $200,000 in music marketing campaigns.

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The Foundations Program

The Foundations Program is not just a course.

It’s a workshop series and done-for-you system that you can plug-and-play into your music business today to grow and nurture a loyal and dedicated fanbase.

In particular:


Why digital marketing?

Because you can't only rely on playlists.

Here is what many artists do:

They write a new song, go in the studio to record and have their music mixed and mastered, and then a few weeks prior to the release date they announce it on the social medias.

The song comes out, they put a few bucks behind it for a few weeks and that’s it, until the new song comes out. 

Even worse, some artists solely rely on playlists placements for every release.

For the majority of artists, that’s what usually happens.

They are always on a roller coaster, their listeners and streams on Spotify always fluctuate, and they only get traction whenever they release new music.

Their growth is always tied to how much time they can spend on Instagram manually promoting their music or how often they can release music.

This is why you need to have a system in place that works to help you reach new fans every single day, even while you sleep.

To help you visualize this concept, imagine this:


Do you see where we are going?

If you’re serious about your music, we think you should not base your career just on buying placements or strategies that don’t scale.

Slow and steady may not be sexy, but if you’re doing this for the long haul, then this is for you.


The Foundations Program

The Foundations Program is a counterintuitive approach to music marketing, specifically built for independent musicians.

It allows you to build a sustainable and predictable machine that generates new fans, streams and build your brand without the need for playlist placements or a huge record deal.

What’s included in the Foundations Program


Foundations & Audiences

If you’re not sure how you can find your ideal fans or how to craft a message that speaks to them that turns them from strangers to fans.. we’ve got you covered. With the 6 Questions Worksheet, you’ll have your ideal fan mapped out in minutes. We’ve also included a comprehensive workshop that walks you through each part of the process and swipe files for inspiration.


Tools & Assets

This section-by-section plug and play campaign builder walks you through exactly how to create the right assets and tools to guarantee the success on your next release. You’ll never launch a campaign wondering “will this work out?” again.


Launch & Optimize

After doing parts one and two, this becomes a piece of cake. Every part of the structure you’ve built and the tools and assets you’ve set up will serve you to launch your own promotion machine to automatically attract new fans and listeners. You’ll know exactly how to generate streams, gain new followers or pre-saves with the same strategies that we used with 80+ artists just in 2020 alone, and that we still use to this day in our agency.


Community & Support

You can’t do this alone, and we know this. When enrolling in our program you will also get lifetime access to a private community of like minded musicians and where you can ask us questions whenever you feel stuck.

Strategies that work for any artist.

Take a look at Gabriele Catoni, an artist we’ve recently worked with at Noiselash:

An increment of 1346% in streams on Spotify in less than 30 days implementing our advertising strategies for his new release.

Without our system, he grew from 2500 to 3000 Instagram followers in 7 months.

With our system, he got +1000 followers in less than one month only spending about 5/10€ a day.

Or, the results we achieved for Despite Exile.

From 2k to almost 23k monthly listeners in under one month and almost 40,000 organic streams of their new single in two weeks without any playlist placement, pure organic growth.

Or the last campaign for OUTTHEMIX, an emerging Rap artists from the US: 5463% increase in streams and +2,000 Spotify followers in just 30 days.

Here is another artist we’ve worked with, where the majority of his streams come from triggering algorithmic playlists and having people saving and listening to his song to their own playlists.

When joining Foundations, you will learn the same strategies we used to achieve these results.

3 Main Results

When you walk away from Foundations, you’ll know exactly how to..


Source: Our campaign for Blues/Rock artist Johnny Fury

We help you reach engaged listeners who really care about you and your music to make sure they like, comment and share your music.


Source: Our campaign for Rap/R&B artist ZaiKarter

Once you find your target audience, they are likely to stick with you for a long time and – if the quality of your music is good enough – they will listen to your songs over and over.


Source: Our campaign for metal band Outmayr

More (real) followers means exponential growth, algorithmic placements and an overall growth of your fanbase, without relying on (suspicious) third party playlists.


The Foundations Program


  • The evergreen marketing concept you must know before running any type of marketing campaign
  • The mechanics behind Spotify algorithm and how to take advantage of it 
  •  How to set up advertising campaigns tailored to trigger Discover Weekly and Release Radar
  •  Step-by-step campaigns to help you grow streams, followers and pre-saves from real and engaged listeners
  • Explode your pre-save campaign with an unknown eCommerce strategy that 99% of music artists simply don’t know it exists
  • ..And a lot more


  • The Instagram Bio Hack
  • The $1/day Strategy (never worry about organic reach again)
  • The Ads Vault – The exclusive library of our best performing ads
  • The 6 Questions Worksheet


  • Ask us your questions when you get stuck.
  • Unlimited group access inside our private community.
  • We make sure you stay on the fast lane.

Not sure if this is right for you?

This program is not for everyone, and we’d prefer to help you figure out if it’s not right for you before you join rather than waste your time.



  • Music artists who know that relying on playlists is not the only (and certainly not the best) way to grow their music career
  • Music artists who understands how valuable and powerful is to acquire solid advertising and digital marketing skills
  • Music artists who want to find a semi-automated and scalable way to promote their music and grow a fanbase
  • Music artists who are sick and tired of relying on gatekeepers
  • Music artists who want to benefit of the support from a music marketing agency but also want to learn the strategies for themselves


  • Music artists who only care about the number of streams and followers no matter where they come from
  • Music artists who think this program will make them famous overnight (spoiler: it won’t)
  • Music artists that are ok with paying playlist companies over and over
  • Music artists who don’t want to learn the skills to promote their music and to run social media advertising campaigns
  • Douchebags. You’ll get support from us directly and you’ll interact with other members of the course as well, so if you can’t treat people right and you are not coachable, please don’t enroll.


What artists say about our strategies

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We almost doubled our followers on Spotify, got a ton of new Instagram followers, more than 100,000 views on YouTube and we went from 2,000 to 22,000 monthly listeners on Spotify without any weird tactics or playlist placements.

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I'm blown away with how Noiselash is working for me and my music. There are no shortcuts, but now I'm getting way more likes, comments, shares and the streams I'm getting come from people who actually choose to listen to my music.

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I've been working with Giovanni and Noiselash for 3 months now and we managed to get our monthly listeners from 54 people to almost 4,000. If you're a serious musician, I'd highly suggest working with Noiselash.

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Giovanni knows exactly what he's doing. What you want is growing a real fanbase and that is exactly what Noiselash is going to help you with and the number will really speak themselves.


Recently we used these strategies with a rock band on their first music release and they went from 0 to 56,000 streams and from 0 to 600 followers on Spotify.

The same strategies also work if you want to grow your own Spotify playlist!

Here’s exactly what we’ll cover during Foundations


Part 1

Foundations & Audiences

26 mins

Part 2

Tools & Assets

24 mins

Part 3

Launch & Optimize

80 mins

Everything you need to build your fanbase (of real people) by leveraging modern digital marketing strategies.

Hey, I’m Giovanni

I toured almost every country in Europe going from empty venues to playing in front of hundreds of people while also working in the studio producing and mixing artists from all over the world.

In this program I’ll share the exact same strategies we use every day at Noiselash with the dozens of artists we work with every single month, something I wish I had when I first started my music career.

In a few hours of content, on top of the 1-1 support from me and our team, you’ll learn what took me months (if not years) to learn and that you can implement immediately and see results for your own music.

Ready to grow?

Still have questions? We got answers.


We work directly with dozens of artists every month managing thousands of $ in music ad campaigns, so the strategies in the program are not based on things that ”may work”.

They are the same strategies we use daily with artists in every genre and niche to grow streams, followers, and to reach the right audiences.

Obviously we don’t know your specific audience. But here’s what we can say. 

We’ve seen our strategies work in dozens of different genres. We’ve watched rap artists, pop artists, metal bands and solo artists gain thousands of real followers and streams. And we’ve been surprised, over and over again, at the impact these strategies can make.

When you identify your ideal fans and learn how to reach them (and that’s what we want to help you with), people pay attention and people get excited about listening to your music and becoming a fan 🙂

This is not just about running ads. While we will also show you the technical aspect of running ads, the most important part is the strategy, messaging and how you present yourself in front of people.

We spent thousands of $ on ads and we know what produces the most ROI and what doesn’t.

We’re guessing you can launch your campaigns in about 4 days! 

You’ll need 2 hours to watch the training sessions, 15 minutes to set up your Facebook Business Manager, 1-3 hours to research your audience, 1 hour to prep your campaigns, 1 hour to create or edit the content to use, and 1-3 hours per week to monitor your campaigns.

Later, you might spend more time refining different pieces of your campaigns or your promotion assets, but you can probably get an awesome “beta campaign” up and running in roughly 10 hours.

I don’t know how these marketing/strategy foundations wouldn’t work for anyone. Foundations are foundations.

Of course, you will add your own details and variables, but the foundations are required no matter what kind of artist/band you are.

You will also have to make sure that the content you are using to promote your music and your brand is engaging and possibly well produced (that doesn’t mean you have to have an expensive camera or hire a pro videographer).

Also, don’t forget the great music is the thing that will always drive your career. Without great music, no marketing strategies can help you.

There is no fluff inside this program. We teach you all the core strategies we use with every artist we work with and that we are able to generate great results with.

Also, we show real campaigns we’ve ran for some of the artists we work with on top of giving you lifetime access our private community.