New Apple iOS 14 Update For Music Ads

What iOS 14 changes mean if you want to run ads as a music artist

By Giovanni Bottan - Noiselash

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The goal of this article is to address an important topic that people are chatting a lot about lately, which is the new data policy introduced by Apple on all iOS devices with the new iOS 14 update.

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Essentially, this new change will require users to prompt in for data tracking with something along the lines of ‘’do you opt in for data tracking on Facebook and Instagram?’’ so if you run social media ads to promote your music, you need to read this.

A lot of people will decide to not opt in for data tracking on iOS 14 there are a lot of people who are wondering if this is the end of social media ads as we know them.. and the answer is.. yes, we are all screwed, this is over.

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This is absolutely not the end, in our opinion Facebook and Instagram ads will still be a fantastic and incredible way to get your music out there and in this article we are going to share with you what you can expect to change and what you can do about it.

So, we don’t want to go full nerd with this stuff, we just want to tell you what you need to know as an artist if you want to promote your music on Spotify or Apple Music with social media ads, but make sure you read until the end because every point we are going to cover here is important.


The Attribution Window Is Changed

The first thing you need to know is that the attribution window for conversions will be limited to 7 days.

This means that if you are running conversion ads to track the clicks on your Spotify or Apple music links on your Linktree, Hypeddit, Toneden page or whatever it may be, the conversions that will occur after 7 days of someone viewing or clicking on your ad are not going to be reported and they will not be counted in your Ads Manager. 

Anyway, you should not be too worried about it because when you are running the type of campaign where you are sending people to your Spotify or Apple Music and measuring the conversions on your music landing page (Linktre, Toneden, etc) usually the conversion occurs within 24 hours a person views or clicks your ad. 

Of course if you are running a retargeting campaign it will maybe happen a little later, but generally when you go out to cold traffic which is 90% of the time, you can rest assured that every conversion will be reported correctly.

If you need to, you’ll still be able to download a report with conversions outside the 7 day window from inside your Ads Manager.


You Need To Verify Your Domain

Domain verification is nothing new, but now it’s mandatory to own and verify the domain you are directing traffic to with your ad campaigns.

This means that if you’ve been using a third party smart link service and your URLs look like or, you don’t own the domain (the platform you use does) and therefore you can’t verify the domain and you won’t be able to run your ads without a branded URL.

At the time of writing this article Toneden already offers the possibility to integrate your own domain with their service for free, meaning that if you own you can link it to your Toneden free account and verify the domain on your Business Manager, being able to run your ad campaigns with no issues.

We expect all other smart linking services to follow Toneden’s steps and implement URL branding in the very near future.

In my opinion, this is a good time to think about building your own website where other than selling merch or growing an email list, you can also create your own smart link pages.


New Pixel Events Limit

You are now limited to 8 pixel events. 

Now, if all you do is running conversion campaigns you’re probably using 2 or 3 pixel events max so nothing you should worry about, and Facebook is going to automatically add the 8 events you’ve been using the most anyway. 

If you are selling merch or growing an email list you will then need maybe 3 or 4 other events but 8 in my opinion are enough.

Events you need to run DSP growth campaigns (campaigns to grow your streaming platforms):

1. Smart link page visit

2. Smart link page click (custom event or custom conversion)

3. Pre-save (custom event if available or custom conversion)

Events you need if you want to grow an email list:

4. Lead

Events you need if you want to sell merchandise or products:

5. Add to Cart

6. Initiate Checkout

7. Purchase

As you can see, 8 events will be enough.


Custom Audiences Size Will Change

Finally, the size of custom audiences with the pixel as source will definitely decrease even though I haven’t really been able to find specific information about that. This means that retargeting will become harder and less effective because the pool of people that engaged with your website whether it’s your merch store or smart link page will be smaller.

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