joshua benjamin

The Campaign

Josh came to us just a couple of days before releasing his new track ‘Came My Way’.

Since there was no time to run a proper pre release campaign, we focused on getting him results right from the day the song got released.

Our main strategy involved running extremely targeted Instagram and Facebook Ads not to his Spotify directly, but to a landing page we created as a bridge between his ads and his Spotify profile, this way we have been able to track exactly how many conversions we were getting and how much we were paying for each stream.

His ads came out to be extremely successful with an average cost of just 5 cents for each stream, meaning he was getting total strangers to convert to actual listeners for just 5 cents each.

In less than one month, he ended up totaling more than 15,000 streams with almost 2,000 saves and 12,000 streams of his new song, turning out to be his most successful release to date, not relying on a single playlist, with streams and listeners continuing to grow over time.

Being able to convert strangers into listeners he got real fans, more Instagram and Spotify followers and much more engagement in general.


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