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1,200,000 streams in the first year

From day one, we’ve been side by side with The Hiz, right from his debut track. Our concentrated efforts on content creation and savvy social media advertising propelled him to some epic milestones. In just his first year as an artist, The Hiz skyrocketed from scratch to over a million streams, surged from zero to a whopping 100,000+ monthly Spotify listeners, and amassed a solid 10,000 followers on Instagram. Quite the ride, right?

From 2k to 28k monthly listeners

We hit the ground running with ‘Your Crush,’ deploying laser-focused social media ads and innovative content creation. Within three months, this dynamic approach elevated their Spotify monthly listeners from a modest 2K to a stunning 28K and cultivated a loyal fan base.

336k album streams

When we teamed up with ‘Of Virtue,’ they had untapped potential and great music. Through precisely targeted social media ads and compelling content creation, we achieved remarkable results. In a span of three months, ‘Of Virtue’ saw a leap to 336K album streams on Spotify, along with a burgeoning, dedicated fan community

400k streams in 60 days

After partnering with Kobenz, the unique goth/rap artist, we unleashed a specialized campaign centered on tailored social media ads and engaging content. The outcome? A meteoric rise to 400K streams on Spotify within just 60 days, and a surge in a passionately loyal fan base.

344k album streams

Upon collaborating with ‘To Kill Achilles,’ a melodic hardcore band from the UK, we put our focus on targeted social media advertising and inventive content creation. The result was nothing short of transformative: the band saw their album streams skyrocket to 344K on Spotify within a mere three months. Moreover, they gained a passionate and committed fan base. ‘To Kill Achilles’ is a rising force in the UK hardcore scene.

477k album streams

After joining forces with Bull Brigade, an Italian punk hardcore band, we concentrated our efforts on data-driven social media ads and dynamic content creation. The impact was immediate and staggering: Bull Brigade achieved an eye-popping 477K album streams on Spotify in just two months. Alongside this, a fervent and lasting fan community has coalesced around them, cementing their status in the punk hardcore landscape.

500k streams

When we teamed up with Shah33d, a promising rap artist, our strategy was laser-focused on tailored social media ads and compelling content creation. The results were remarkable: Shah33d amassed 500K streams on Spotify in a six-month period. Additionally, he saw substantial growth in his fanbase across all social media platforms. Shah33d has not just gained streams but also a committed community of listeners, solidifying his presence in the rap scene.

467k album streams

After partnering with Messa, a female-fronted doom metal band, we implemented a specialized strategy focused on targeted social media ads and captivating content creation. The outcome exceeded expectations: Messa secured a staggering 467K streams for their new album on Spotify in a relatively short time frame. This campaign didn’t just inflate numbers—it also nurtured a devoted community of fans, amplifying Messa’s resonance in the genre.

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