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Based on the style of your music, we help you select the best songs for your playlist.

video creation

We create a 15 seconds advert that turns cold traffic into real followers and listeners.

Playlist Growth

We set up and run the ads for you to grow followers and listeners.

The Process Explained

Transform passive listeners into fans


Content Creation

We create the best piece of content to attract followers and listeners to your playlist.


From Traffic To Followers

We run social media ads to grow your playlist in a way that not only brings followers and high quality listeners to your playlist, but that also allows you to retarget users that showed interest in the genre of the playlist with your own music.


High Listeners Retention

Who said you need hundreds of thousands of followers to build a recurring flow of streams? Start getting streams from real people with just a few thousands playlist followers.

Other Playlists We Worked On

Real artists, real results

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We almost doubled our followers on Spotify, got a ton of new Instagram followers, more than 100,000 views on YouTube and we went from 2,000 to 22,000 monthly listeners on Spotify without any weird tactics or playlist placements.

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I'm blown away with how Noiselash is working for me and my music. There are no shortcuts, but now I'm getting way more likes, comments, shares and the streams I'm getting come from people who actually choose to listen to my music.

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I've been working with Giovanni and Noiselash for 3 months now and we managed to get our monthly listeners from 54 people to almost 4,000. If you're a serious musician, I'd highly suggest working with Noiselash.

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Giovanni knows exactly what he's doing. What you want is growing a real fanbase and that is exactly what Noiselash is going to help you with and the number will really speak themselves.

Our Process


Step 1: Lightning Fast Onboarding

Unlike this ugly stock photo above, getting started with us is so simple and quick you won’t even realize we started working together.

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Step 2: Kickoff Call

As soon as you’re done with the onboarding you are going to schedule a 1-1 call to discuss the exact strategy to put in place to reach your goals.

Step 3: Strategy Implementation

Based on your goal, we are going to implement an advertising strategy tailored to set you up for success.

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Step 4: Results, baby.

Sit back and let us do the work.

Let’s do this


Full account and campaign setup and 30 day campaign management.
$ 349 (Ad spend not included)
  • Complete account and campaign setup
  • Daily campaign upkeep and management from our team
  • Playlist graphic and content for ads must be supplied by the artist
  • Ad spend not included


Full account and campaign setup plus content creation/editing and 30 day campaign management.
$ 449 (Ad spend not included)
  • Complete account and campaign setup
  • Custom Spotify playlist graphic
  • Creation of a custom story and feed ad to promote the playlist
  • Daily campaign upkeep and management from our team
  • Ad spend not included

Have questions? We got answers

We run targeted Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns.

It depends on the genre of your playlist, but on all the playlists we worked on the cost of acquisition per follower ranged from 0.07$ to 0.15$, with traffic coming from the top English speaking countries only.

We mainly target the top English speaking countries such as the US, UK, CAN, AUS and GER so, unless you tell us otherwise, all followers will be from these countries.

Yes. We are going to send you the ad and get your approval before launching the campaign.

More Questions?