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“real growth, no bs”

We Guarantee You More Fans. Seriously.

Only real digital marketing strategies that get you real fans and long-term, engaged listeners.. Without using sketchy third-party playlists. 

We Assume The Risk.

Because of that, we can’t work with every artist. After speaking 1-1 on a call and understanding everything involved first, we’ll become your partners only if it makes sense for you.

There’s a problem with music marketing.

Most music marketing agencies charge for a service, maybe deliver some results, maybe not. It ends there.

To be honest, we have done the same. It’s hard to guarantee or predict results when you are doing real marketing and not hurting artists with bots or fake playlists.

After having spent $2,000,000 for hundreds of artists from indie acts to artists on the Top 50 Chart on Spotify and launching a tech startup in the music advertising space..

We decided to do what no other agency does: we guarantee results without using third party playlists.

Our solution

You don’t deserve to be sold to at all costs, and we know how it is out there. The music industry is a jungle.

We want to treat your marketing budget and your music as if it was our own, and for this reason, we’ll work together only if we can get you real, meaningful, long-term results.

Why this works.

We’ve been working for 7+ months with some artists, and on average, we work with artists for four months.

We wouldn’t be working with artists, labels and managers for so long if we didn’t get them results.

It’s simple: we want to be your long-term partner, not a random ”promo company” you hire.

Areas Of Expertise

Algorithmic Activation

Instead of relying on editorial playlists that are harder and harder to get in, we help artists grow on Spotify via algorithmic playlists, arguably the best way to grow for any artist right now.

Social Media

We help you grow your audience and fanbase by combining solid content strategies with laser-targeted advertising campaigns. 

Email & Text List Building

If you don’t have an email or text list, you don’t have a business, and it’s the same for your music business. We help artists to grow a list of fans that will buy merch, tickets, and support their career.

Proprietary Technology

We built a music marketing and advertising tech startup called Smart Noise and we integrate the same proprietary technology on every campaign we run for artists at Noiselash.

Here Is Just One Of The Strategies We Use To Grow Real Fanbases

That got an Indie-Pop duo 80,000 streams on Spotify, tons of new fans, and 120+ phone numbers.


You see, 99% of music marketing agencies or ”promo agencies” will tell you that they can’t guarantee results, not even with their third party playlisting campaigns.

Frankly, nobody really can. Not all our services and offerings are backed by a money-back guarantee.

With that said, we have managed more than $2,000,000 in advertising campaigns, worked with indie artists and major label artists.

We have seen what works and more importantly what doesn’t work for an artist, and we decided to offer premium services only to serious, committed artists, without letting the budget dictate whether we can work together or not.

And because we don’t use third party playlists we are only looking to work with artists with integrity who are focused on building a sustainable business rather than seeking a quick ”promo boost”.

If that’s you, get in touch. We’d love to hear from you.

We have different services, depending on what your goals are, whether is Spotify growth, TikTok growth, or to grow your email list.

Generally speaking, our money-back guarantee starts from $1,500+ services.

Just reach out and let’s discuss the best solution for your needs and goals.

We don’t cut corners. We won’t sell you a dream. We won’t promise to make you famous overnight.

Most agencies out there just want to make a quick buck from artists with the least amount of effort possible.

This is the reason 80% of all artists we work with every month are repeat clients, because we are transparent, honest, and frankly.. pretty good at what we do 🙂

Oh this is a fun one. You should definitely reach out to hear the full story.

Let's Do This.

We can only work with a handful of artists per month, and spots for June are almost gone.