Spotify Growth, Reimagined.

Ditch outdated marketing tactics and sketchy third-party playlists. Embrace a groundbreaking technology that directly connects your music with fans, enabling growth in followers, saves, playlist additions, algorithmic playlist activations, and guarantee growth of all your future releases.

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Effortless Spotify Growth.

Get song saves and followers on autopilot, completely hands-off.

This service is designed to get you more song saves and followers from music fans eager to discover new music. This increases your Spotify Popularity Index, leading to more algorithmic streams and overall, the growth of your fanbase.

Get your music added to fans’ personal playlists, at scale.

Spotify loves when fans stream your music from their library. Your music will be added, but most importantly streamed, from fans’ own playlists and library, boosting your algorithmic streams even further.

Get on more Spotify Algorithmic Playlists.

Song saves, followers and overall higher engagement leads to activating Spotify Algorithmic Playlists.

Get connected with music fans that truly love your music.

Your music will be showcased to music fans that are eager to discover new music, in target with your genre.

Get Pre-Saves On All Your Future Releases*

Every fan you’ll obtain from this campaign will automatically pre-save all your future releases.

How it works


Music Review

After your submission, we’ll review your music and make sure it will be placed in one of our Smart Noise Funnels, based on its genre and potential target audience – or we’ll create a new Discovery Funnel with just your music.


Smart Noise Funnels

After determining your target audience and goals, we will showcase your track in one of our Music Discovery Funnels, created through our platform, Smart Noise.

Through our app, fans will have the opportunity to interact with your music. They can voluntarily express their support by liking the track or choosing to skip it.

When a fan likes your track, they not only become a follower on Spotify but also save the track to their personal library. Additionally, our app, Smart Noise, will curate a personalized playlist for them, incorporating your song. This effectively boosts engagement and drives more traffic to your music.


Paid Ads Growth

We employ targeted social media advertising to direct traffic to Smart Noise for Fans, ensuring that every Fan Conversion is both genuine and voluntary.

With our app recording tens of thousands of Fan Conversions daily, we possess a significant advantage in the music industry. This advantage enables us to effectively target your ideal audience by leveraging our proprietary data.

Your advertising campaign is constantly optimized to ensure the best results possible. 


Detailed Reporting

Finally, we’ll provide detailed reporting on your campaign’s performance, focusing on key metrics like song saves and new followers. The best part? Every song save and new follower can be directly attributed to your campaign. This valuable data empowers you to understand your audience better and make informed decisions to boost engagement and drive even more traffic to your music. 

Case study

Sweat Ent.

London, UK

With just under 300 fan conversions, Sweat Ent. was able to get more than 1,600 songs saves and almost 1,400 Spotify followers across their entire catalog of artists.

Guaranteed Spotify growth.

Spots for this are very limited and spots for April are almost gone. Start your campaign today.

Guided Setup Campaign


Ad spend is not included

What’s included:

What’s not included:

Est. results (if you have at least 10 songs): On average, with every $100 you’ll spend in ads you’ll get:

  • x40 fans’ emails;
  • x90 song saves;
  • x40 saves on release day every time you’ll release new music*;
  • x40 Spotify followers;
  • x40 user curated playlist adds;
  • x40 automated emails on release day to 80 fans.

BONUS: 1-1 Complimentary Strategy Call

*: In order to keep Lifetime Pre-Saves active you’ll need to purchase a monthly paid plan starting from $29/mo

Done-For-You Campaign


Ad spend is included

What’s included:

Est. results (if you have at least 10 songs):

  • x80 fans’ emails;
  • x180 song saves;
  • x80 saves on release day every time you’ll release new music*;
  • x80 Spotify followers;
  • x80 user curated playlist adds;
  • x80 automated emails on release day to 80 fans.

BONUS: 1-1 Complimentary Strategy Call

*: In order to keep Lifetime Pre-Saves active you’ll need to purchase a monthly paid plan starting from $29/mo

How can we guarantee results?

At our core, we believe in a simple yet effective method to guarantee results. No obscure tricks, no gimmicks. Here’s how we do it:

  1. Music Discovery Funnels: We take a personalized approach to create and manage each Music Discovery Funnel. By carefully crafting funnels that resonate with the target audience, we ensure maximum engagement and interest. These funnels are created with our in-house software platform, Smart Noise.

  2. Targeted Traffic through Ad Campaigns: Our expertise lies in running ad campaigns that attract hundreds of new music fans every day. By precisely targeting the right audience, we drive traffic to each funnel, maximizing fan conversions.

  3. Data-Driven Insights: Years of experience and past data allow us to predict the outcomes of each campaign accurately. We know what to expect in terms of song saves, followers, and fans’ personal playlist additions.

  4. Continuous Optimization: We understand that the music landscape is ever-changing. As such, we continuously optimize our strategies to stay ahead of the curve and deliver consistent, impressive results.

This is our commitment to transparency and a results-oriented approach 💪


Most frequent questions and answers

We’ve taken a comprehensive approach to maximize your music’s exposure to eager music fans through our specialized Music Discovery Funnels. These funnels, tailored to different genres, serve as landing pages created with the help of our innovative platform, Smart Noise.

Here’s how it works: Using strategic social media advertising, we drive targeted traffic and fans directly to these Music Discovery Funnels. Once fans encounter your track and Like it, they are prompted to save your tracks to their library, follow you on Spotify, and even have your songs added to their personalized playlists.

Our primary goal is to ensure a seamless connection between your music and fans who are actively seeking new musical discoveries.

Our platform and services are specifically designed to aid in your growth on Spotify. Here’s how:

  1. Increased Exposure: We utilize Music Discovery Funnels, tailored to different genres, to introduce your music to a targeted audience of music fans actively seeking new tracks to discover.

  2. Targeted Advertising: Through strategic social media advertising, we drive relevant and engaged traffic to your Music Discovery Funnel, ensuring that the right audience is exposed to your music.

  3. Fan Engagement: When a fan interacts with your song on the Funnel, they have the opportunity to save your track to their library, follow you on Spotify, and add your song to their personalized playlists. This increases engagement, boosts your follower count, streams from algorithmic playlists and expands your reach on the platform.

  4. Hands-Off Approach: Our services handle the technical aspects of promoting your music, allowing you to focus on creating and producing your tracks while we take care of the marketing and growth strategies.

Yes, and the reason is simple: we own each Music Discovery Funnel and we run the ad campaigns ourselves.

However, while we guarantee how many saves and followers you’ll gain from a campaign, we can’t guarantee streams or listeners.

Guided Setup Campaign: Ad spend is not included. You can start with as little as $5/day.

Done-For-Your Campaign: Everything is covered within the cost. The cost will include both the service itself and the advertising spend dedicated to promoting your tracks.

The duration of the campaign and the timeframe for achieving desired results depend on the specific goals and budget allocated. In cases where higher budgets and more extensive results are desired, the typical timeframe for the campaign can range from 30 to 60 days. It’s important to consider these factors when planning and setting expectations for your campaign.

You have the option to request a refund for your order before the campaign goes live. However, once the campaign is launched, refunds will no longer be possible.