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The 3 Worst Mistakes Artists Are Making That Prevent Them From Exploding Their Fanbase

These Mistakes Are Costing You Thousands Of Fans

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Your Fans Always First

Screw likes, reach, fake playlists, and vanity metrics. 

Our #1 focus is to help you grow a real fanbase.

Streaming Growth

Paid Media Strategies That Attract Fans, Not Just Streams

It’s important to attract people who are likely to stick with you for a long time rather than just growing streams.

  • We help you come up with powerful content strategies that resonate with your ideal fan (we tested thousands of videos for music artists and labels).
  • We use Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok ads to send laser-targeted traffic to your Streaming platforms (we’re always testing new strategies so you’ll get what’s working right now).
  • You grow streams, listeners, your save ratio grows, and your followers on Streaming platforms grow.
  • The longer you run ads, the more your algorithmic streams will grow, which ultimately they’re going to give you the long term growth effect.

We use them to help you grow on (and more):

YouTube Marketing

Grow your YouTube channel and music videos with Laser-Targeted Google Ads

Our extensive knowledge of the Google advertising platform will make sure your next video is placed in front of as many of the right people as possible increasing subscribers, comments, and likes.

  • We run every campaign through the artist’s Google Ads account. This way, you’ll always have full access and complete control of your account and campaigns.
  • Ever thought about stealing another artist’s audience? While we can’t kidnap your favorite artist’s audience, we can definitely make sure your video reaches the most targeted audience possible.
  • Our main goal is not only to get your music video views from targeted fans, but also meaningful engagement to help your channel grow.

We use them to help you grow on:

TikTok Marketing

Just a dancing app? Hell no.

We help you grow your audience and fanbase on TikTok by combining a solid content strategy with laser-targeted TikTok advertising campaigns.

  • On TikTok, everything starts from the creative. Our team of experts will help you create the best content strategy to attract your ideal audience.
  • We’ll research your audience through the targeting options available on the TikTok ad platform, to help your content reach the right FYP.
  • We’ll make sure you not only get views but also followers, to help you monetize your audience in the long run and build your own movement.

We use them to help you grow on:

Merch Sales

Sell More Merch. *cha-ching*

We help you increase your merch sales using direct-to-consumer paid advertising and website conversion rate optimization strategies.

  • Put more money in your pocket selling more merch.
  • If you’re already selling merch consistently, sometimes all you need is a simple, laser-targeted ad strategy to 4x what you’re already selling.
  • Low conversion rates on your store? We’ll find the weakest links on your website and help you sell more without spending more on ads.

We help you sell merch using:

Live Shows Promotion

Sell out your next tour and shows

Going on tour or wanting to promote an important show?

  • Target and engage with fans in specific cities.
  • Grow an email list, and sell tickets directly to them.
  • Sell out your tour predictably.

We help you sell out your shows using:

Our Offering

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Managed and complete ‘done-for-you’ digital marketing services for mid-to-estabilished artists, management companies, or labels looking to accelerate ‘hyper-growth’. Limited spots available.

Starts at $1,000

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Individual promo campaigns & consulting services for artists and brands that are looking to grow their fanbase and online presence.

$100 - $800

We literally built a music marketing and advertising platform

We don’t just offer advertising services to artists, record labels, and brands; we built a music marketing and advertising platform too.

Smart Noise lets you create smart links with advanced analytics, get unmatched performance insights from social media ad campaigns, and reach out to targeted playlist curators, all in one place.

Case Studies



streams on a new release

We used Instagram Ads and a strong content strategy to promote Saif’s new song ‘Toxic’.

jack hawitt


streams in 50 days on a new release (260K now)

Despite his incredible talent, Jack struggled to find traction on DSPs. We used a combination of Facebook and Instagram ads to finally help him reach true fans and activate algorithmic playlists.

We Are A Vydia Certified Marketing Partner

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