Attention: Aspiring DJs And Producers in and around South Florida

Announcing A Music Academy That Turns DJs And Producers Into Skilled Musicians With Packed Touring Schedules

75 graduates went from aspiring musicians to booking shows and tours. Read on to find more about how they did that..

Fort Lauderdale, May 22, 2024

Dear Aspiring DJ and Producer..

If you want to acquire the music production skills of successful producers with millions of streams and then be able to book headlining shows back to back every month..

Then this will be the most exciting message you’ll ever read. 

Here’s why: 

Let’s face it…You would have to be a zombie from the Walking Dead for the above claim not to have your pulse racing… 

And there is no doubt that your inner sceptic is screaming “what on earth is this all about?!’’ 

What DJ or producer, in their right mind, wouldn’t question a company making such a bold claim? 

But don’t worry, because we’ve come with the credentials and proof to back it all up.. 

For starters, we’ve developed a unique ‘’artist growth system” which is unlike anything you’ve ever seen or heard of before.. 

And we’ve used it to help..

Over 75 Graduates Book Headlining Shows And Produce Groundbreaking Music

Matty Dee, who was working a 9-5 before graduating, he now plays 4 shows a month and commands a locally & nationally recognized brand.

Pouria who was working in IT before graduating now has 3 residencies in Washington DC and averages $500 a show making over $4000 a month from his DJ’ing & releasing his own singles.

IVANCO doubled his monthly shows after attending Wired Sound & released his first 3 singles.

And so on.. 

Listen, we could easily fill up this entire page with dozens of success stories like these.. 

Because we’ve used this ‘growth system’ with DJs & Producers in almost every stage of their career you can think of. 

We’ve worked with artists who have never opened the music production software Ableton or the DJ’ing software Serato before joining the Academy..

All the way up to artists with packed touring schedules looking for a new edge in applying this “growth system”.

In other words, our “system” for growing your music career is one of the most tried & true growth vehicles we’ve ever seen for..

Getting Monthly Shows Booked, Finishing Complete Songs And Getting Invaluable Industry Opportunities

And now, we’re truly making an offer which would be difficult for any sane musician to refuse to try it out risk-free!

If you’re like most musicians you’ve likely tried just about every conceivable way to grow your career.

Some of it has worked, a lot of it has not.

And at this point, you’ve probably tried, consumed, invested in..


Book your in-person tour at the Academy and get a Free Strategy Session (spots are very limited)

YouTube Videos, eBooks, Blogs, A Music College..

Without Getting The Results You Wanted.

That barely helped you.

You have these eBooks sitting in your hard drive.

These YouTube videos and blog articles are still bookmarked.

Collecting ‘’internet dust’’.

Or even worse..

You paid for a music college tuition and you’re now left with nothing to show for it.

(Makes our blood boil just thinking about it!!)

We decided it was time to show DJs & producers a new path towards success..

Going From Unknown Artists Barely Scraping By, To Touring DJs With Millions Of Streams And A Big Social Media Following

Look, our strategies at the Academy are proven & our instructors like DJ Landis (pictured above) have used these strategies to launch their own careers.

We have Battle-hardened dozens of successful graduates based on the strategies we’ve used to grow our own music careers. 

We’ve got this stuff down to a science. 

But we don’t expect you to take our word for it.. 

Let’s get down to the juicy proof pie we’ve been baking for the better half of a decade!


Book your in-person tour at the Academy and get a Free Strategy Session (spots are very limited)



Okay, enough of that..

Let me answer the question that’s burning a hole in your head..

How The Hell Is Your Academy Different?!

It’s very simple. 

You see, most music academies teach how to use Ableton, how VSTs work, how to write some 808s or fancy hi-hat patterns, show you some basic DJ concepts..

And stop there. 

That’s where we decided to go further. 

We, DJ Crespo, DJ Landis & DJ RBK, each individually have over 15 years of touring & music industry experience playing the top nightclubs in the world, releasing on major record labels & streaming in the millions. 

After getting tons of DM’s and emails from aspiring DJ’s/Producers asking for a path to success we got together in 2019 to create Wired Sound Academy. 

Wired Sound Academy was created so DJ’s/Music Producers have a clear path towards succeeding in the music industry with point A being learning the craft and point B booking shows/touring as an artist. 

And I’m going to be completely honest with you.. 

Achieving what we achieved, is never a result of..


Book your in-person tour at the Academy and get a Free Strategy Session (spots are very limited)

‘’Hope And Pray’’ For The Best

It’s not about this, it’s about following a proven path from people who already did what you’re trying to do. 

And our “growth system” includes a war chest of proven strategies and tactics that most artists don’t know even exist. 

For example:

We know how to make sure that you gain every advantage while avoiding many of the common pitfalls when trying to become a full time DJ and producer

We know how to give you hands-on experience to learn all the fundamentals of DJ’ing and production while you learn industry insider strategies for getting shows/releasing music & get you in front of a crowd without wasting any time.

..You get the idea, don’t you? 

The point is, because of our deep experience in the music industry, we truly believe that we can help you grow your music career.

But you have to keep in mind one thing:


This Is Not For Everybody

Hold on there, not so fast..

Gotta back up a little first, because this is not for everybody.


You need to have the time to invest into the course and practice outside the course.


You need to be willing to step outside your comfort zone to achieve success.


You need to have a true passion for music and DJ’ing that will drive you to success.

Does this opportunity interest you?

Do you meet the above qualifications?

If so, go here and book in a 30-minute strategy session with our team to see if we’d be a good fit.


Book your in-person tour at the Academy and get a Free Strategy Session (spots are very limited)

P.S. Oh well..

..need some more convincing huh? 

Ok listen up, you could continue to consume every YouTube video, blog, download every eBook on the internet about music production and music business.. 

Or you could click the link below, book a call in with my team and explore how to rapidly and radically grow your music career. 

Speak soon.

The TL;DR version: 

We’ll help you have a clear path to succeeding in the music industry with point A being learning the craft and point B booking shows/touring as an artist. 

We’ll help you get shows, finish complete songs and release them to the world, while also providing industry opportunities through networking & opportunities to become a touring DJ.


Book your in-person tour at the Academy and get a Free Strategy Session (spots are very limited)