Discover the new way to Quickly turn strangers into subscribers

Simply getting views on your music videos isn’t enough to grow a fanbase. Discover how to transform viewers into subscribers and effectively leverage your music videos to build your audience.

Watch how this works:


+448 subs; 16k views


+1502 subs; 14k views

Next Time Mr. Fox

+1243 subs; 45k views


+5610 subs; 66k views


Get Fans, Not Views.

Get connected with real music fans

YouTube ad campaigns used to solely focus on acquiring views for your music video, but that is no longer the case. This innovative type of ad campaign prioritizes gaining subscribers over mere views, allowing you to build a genuine fanbase instead of merely accumulating views.

Grow multiple engagement metrics

While this new type of ad campaign focuses on subscribers, you are also more likely to see growth in likes, comments, playlist additions, and views on your other music videos as well.

Boost Engagement Beyond YouTube: Amplify Your Presence on Spotify and More

Get more subscribers on YouTube, and see the love spread to Spotify and beyond. Boost your music with more likes, comments, and views across platforms

How it works


Music Video Review

After your submission, we’ll review your music video to make sure it’s policy compliant.


Audience Research

We’ll research the best targeting options based on your genre, ranging from similar music fans to people who browse specific apps or websites.


YouTube Ads Growth

We use targeted YouTube advertising to direct traffic to your music video, or channel. With running dozens of campaigns every month, we possess a significant advantage in the music industry. This advantage enables us to effectively target your ideal audience by leveraging our proprietary data. Your advertising campaign is constantly optimized to ensure the best results possible.


Detailed Reporting

Finally, we’ll provide detailed reporting on your campaign’s performance, focusing on key metrics like video likes and new subscribers. The best part? Every metric can be directly attributed to your campaign. This valuable data empowers you to understand your audience better and make informed decisions to boost engagement and drive even more traffic to your music. 

Plus These Bonuses If You Start A Campaign Today:

Bonus #1 – Valued at $199

1-1 Strategy Session

With our YouTube Starter Package, you’ll also receive a bonus one-on-one session with our marketing expert, Peter Jarrett. Peter, known for his consulting work with top record labels and managing a thriving label himself, will personally guide you. This exclusive call is tailored to elevate your career to new heights.

Bonus #2 – Reg. $49

1 Month Free Of Smart Noise

Our platform Smart Noise offers digital tools for smarter music marketing, designed to help artists and labels grow their fanbase and streamline their marketing efforts. Key features include:

  1. Lifetime Pre-Saves: Allows fans to pre-save all future releases with just one click, fostering a committed and engaged fanbase.
  2. Fan Notifications: Automated email notifications to fans on release day.
  3. 1-Click Spotify Login for Pre-Saves: Simplifies the login process for increased conversions.
  4. Data Capture: Grows the fan list with each new pre-save.
  5. Ad Campaigns: Launch targeted, high-performing ad campaigns easily, with AI technology to discover and target ideal fans and automation to manage ad performance.
  6. Smart Links: Create responsive landing pages with real-time reporting, pixel & API tracking integration, and GDPR-compliant data tracking.
  7. AI-Powered Ad Creatives: Generate high-performing video ad creatives and engaging captions quickly.
  8. Playlist Curator Discovery: Find and connect with Spotify playlist curators, with up-to-date contact information.

Included With Your Campaign:

YouTube Ad Campaign - $149 value

A powerful YouTube Ad Campaign to turn strangers into subscribers and fans.

1-1 Strategy Session - $199 value

Our YouTube Starter Package includes a special bonus: a personal session with marketing expert Peter Jarrett. Renowned for his work with leading record labels and managing a successful label, Peter will offer tailored guidance to boost your career.

1 Month Free Of Smart Noise - $49 value

Save time and get more results with powerful ad campaigns, explode growth with 1-click Lifetime Pre-Saves, and convert more streams on release day with automated email marketing.

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